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No 70A,70B,72A,72B & 74A Jalan Nova U5/N, Subang Bestari, 40150 Shah Alam


(Cikgu Mona)


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Bestari Home Tuition was established in 2008 by Cikgu Mona at Subang Bestari. Cikgu Mona, Sri Tropika's principal who is also a PhD research candidate manage all the 4 branches with a team of qualified and experienced teachers. Our mission is to provide a good education backup system for those students who are experiencing difficulty in school.

With our dedication and commitment we are able to produce excellent results with our students every year.



Strict discipline and good motivation are molding good character on the students. Apart from good discipline we hand-pick the best teachers to teach our students. Students are provided with excellent notes to help them grasp the materials with ease.

Providing good quality tuition is our main objective. Lots of FREE extra classes are given to improve the students' grades. As we are committed with our objective, students' enrolment began to grow.

We opened our first branch at Mah Sing in April 2010. Later we open Subang Bestari branch to provide a better conducive environment with excellent facilities. Both Centres are fully air conditioned and CCTV monitored.

Our Denai Alam Branch located at No. 35-1 Jalan Elektron NU16/N , was opened in June 2012, due to overwhelming request from parents.   As usual  classrooms are air-conditioned and CCTV  monitored.  We cater for both primary and secondary students.

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